Monday, October 24, 2011

Some Game Talk and Live Stream Info (Part 2)

Ok so we have officially set up our account and have a load of video equipment and new "gamer" stuff on the way to boot!

The word around here is we may quite possibly be ready to record or first live stream broadcast either this week sometime (with all of our crazy antics and personalities), or right after the next beta weekend in ToR (whenever that may be - possibly by the first week of November). No I am not saying this is when a beta weekend will be - so before anyone goes off speculating it will, I really have no clue. I am simply saying we should be ready to shoot by then.

As far as gaming content for this week - I still am somewhat disappointed about the WoW update from BlizzCon, Guild Wars 2 seems like a promising little gem (proverbial diamond in the rough stuff), Skyrim looks freaking awesome, and all of you should by now know how I feel about ToR (I will come back to that in a second)!

As far as things with Battlefield 3 go - I'll have an update about that pretty shortly from one of the other members of the team. Black Ops (for those that like FPS Titles) also looks promising, but not something I would play very long.

And of course I will come back to ToR now, as far as I am concerned this game is going to be the major trend setter in the market for YEARS to come - it is just going to take some more of a push to get the numbers into the game and playing. The Gold Master version (rumor has it) has been produced and ready for distribution, so we should see early access close to approaching (or at least another wave of huge numbers into beta). The testers who get to test this version should be testing the most recent update that will bring to head many of the patches you will have to download upon launch day. This is in fact after the internal test and code lines are looked over by man of the QA Team and then we can have a playable game by Dec 20th.

For all of you who are still in doubt about this title, do in fact give it a fair look - it would be worth the free month you get at purchase, you may even find out some things you enjoy about the game. Of course I can't say much about this as I know nothing about the end product, final copy, or even builds that are being tested. As an avid Star Wars fan, from the things I have read and seen on other sites - it could be one of those games that sticks with us for years to come, much like those of old (like EverQuest).

I am looking forward to this title the most this holiday season and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I will. Even if you do not give it a look, I'm sure we will discuss your game that you play in the future.

If you would like us to review a game for you or even give you a heads up on a certain genre - feel free to look us up on FaceBook @ or look for us on (we are still getting sorted),

Hope to see you all in the virtual world sometime soon. As always - keep it real, stay IMBA, and May the Force be With You!

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