Friday, October 21, 2011

BlizzCon 2011 - Blizzard, what will you do?

So it seems BlizzCon 2011 Starts later on today, and I am sure there will be many things discussed this year from the changes made in World of Warcraft with Cataclysm to all things pertaining to StarCraft II. But one things stands out in my mind as the most sought after topic of all - as Blizzard has not made mention of it for some time. What is this "Next Gen MMO" that they have planned in the works and are currently developing in their studios?

I have quite a feeling many of you do not know what I am speaking of, so I might as well direct you on over to the link to Blizzard Entertainment's career page to show you what exactly I am speaking of in the mean time.

As you take a look at the many vacancies in the "Next Gen MMO" area right in the middle of the page - I'm sure you will wonder as I do, what could this game be? Sure it is not another expansion to World of Warcraft, but could it be something greater? Possibly the long awaited "Starcraft MMO" all of us have looked forward to in the past?

If this were true I know many of us would be quite pleased with something like that in most case, but there are quite a few people who have lost touch with the Blizzard IP in the past months and have taken on new games of choice, such as Trion World's little gem - Rift. Albeit World of Warcraft has lost some of it glitz and glam since the inception of Cataclysm with the game become almost "too user friendly" for most, but does that warrant the amount of players who seem to leave the game on a constant basis and then suddenly come back for almost no reason just to leave once more? I think not.

If Blizzard is going to start fresh with a new IP they will have to do something quite extraordinary and not stick to their guns like they have in the past or even start "dumbing down" many of the game systems to tailor to a much younger user base. Many of the players are frustrated by a sense of the game "too easy" and "fail sauce" because of how the game mechanics work, and many of the players who either quit during vanilla or during a previous expansion and have returned rarely stay for long to even try the new update to the game as they were expecting "more".

My final thought on this come the day BlizzCon kicks off in the morning is - I really would like to see more innovations from the crew at Blizzard, rather then just some CG Movies and stale gameplay videos that seem to just raise the hype of the fan base and not give much relevant  information as to what the upcoming patch or nerf is truly about. More info on what is being planned for the future of the company and future releases would also be great as well, as many of us are looking for some "out" from World of Warcraft, but are just too "gun shy" to go to another game at the moment as we feel WoW is the best thing on the market.

So please Blizz give us something to look forward too - cause you know damn well, there are many games this year looking to kick you down a peg and become King of the Mountain.

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