Sunday, October 23, 2011

The State of the Game - Live Streaming from ToR (Dec 20th)

With the hit game The Old Republic right around the corner, The State of the Game has plans underway to Live Stream gameplay and weekly wrap-ups from SW:ToR come Dec 20th 2011 via and . This will be a great chance for many of you to get to hear our whacky antics from a gamer perspective and also to see what we like about either ToR or the other MMO's on the market when the time comes.

Currently we have a good amoount of the back end stuff in the works - such as show content and other little niffty items so that everyone will enjoy what we are putting out on air come the release of ToR or even when early access hits us in the teeth head on and all of us are able to play.

So keep it here for upcoming information on the line-ups, who will be presenting anything on the site, and for any information pertaining to when we will start our live feed. Hopefully this will give a chance for many who have been on the fence about purchasing ToR to see it first hand and to get a look inside "a much larger world" before even having to go to their local game store and get a physical copy of the game.

As for now - I look forward to seeing you all on Dec 20th in game (whether you are Empire or Republic), and hope to meet up with as many of you as time allows. I hope you all have enjoyed the blog thus far. So keep it real, I'm sure I'll have plenty more updates about this the closer we get to the launch date!

Cheers All!

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