Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dragon Age - A Perspective

Yes yes - I know I have not written much in some time, but it seems I have been caught up in a game that I would consider as "great". The game known as Dragon Age: Origins / Awakening. I know many of you have played this in the past, and I am probably one of the few who never have - until recently, so I figured I would give it a go and see what all the "past" hype was about with this title!

For the most part, the game seems very similar to many of the things I have read and seen about SW:ToR, that being the companion system, voice overs, romance options - and just about any of the other nice little things you would expect from something BioWare does (i.e. KotOR).

Right out of the gate on the tutorial mission, I found myself immersed in the game and had began my journey to playing until the wee hours of the next morning (well, I did stay up for about two days not knowingly). Sadly though this came to a halt once I encounter my first "romance option" and then my second.

It seems that if you "lust" (for lack of a better word) over two of your companions - they will provide you with an ultimatum of sort and you will be prompted to choose which one to "be with" in a sense. Now I am not one for "tough" decisions in life - but when a video game throws these my way, it almost seems like they are pulling on my heart strings a bit.

Seeing as the character of Leliana is the sweet innocent character, and Morrigan, the other worldy demon bitch - it almost seemed like the choice was clear that Leliana was the right way to go (at least for my play style). That was until after I found out that there was some "loot" to be had from the Morrigan option of choices!

So I decided my fate - and now I have about a million different game saves each with a different path and so called "story-arch" for the path I had chosen. Why do you ask? It's simple, I hate tough decisions!

If there was a save file for my life - I'm almost certain I would hit the load options on different events and go replay those certain days and see how things would turn out if I chose a different path or "play style". I mean, wouldn't you if you could?

I guess that is why the draw of games like these is so huge and abounding - because we can make ourselves in game to be the person we never thought we could be, and do what ever we wish to do within the boundaries of that particular world. Though real life is less forgiving at times, the virtual world always seems to be that place we as gamers can call home.

I know that this is not a complete perspective of the game - but I figured I would at the very least get this talking point out into the air. I for one have be caught up in this much larger world and do enjoy it - and I hope you all enjoy the current game your are caught up in as well.

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