Friday, October 21, 2011

SW:ToR - Hit and Miss with Pre-Order Items?

Over the years I have pre-ordered many games that have come onto the market and many of the items have ranged from the awesome to the very bleak and bland. This week though for ToR's Fan Friday they had released the specifics and details on what all of these items are and do in game, and I must say - I am not one bit impressed at all. Though if I would have paid $150 for the extravagant Collector's Edition I may have felt a slight bit better about what I was getting. So here is the break down.

First off, the Color Stone - everyone had speculated that it COULD or even WOULD change your lightsaber color to any color you had wished. On the contrary, it does not - it is simply a yellow crystal with a BLACK outer hue (Whoopdy Freaking Doo).

The STAP on the other hand from the the Digital Deluxe Edition (which I was possibly going to upgrade to), also seems like some what of a loser now as you can get your vehicle at level 25. The only major difference from the DDE vehicle and the Standard from what is posted on the ToR webpage is the "skin details", but the speeds and design are all the same. So really, what would be the point of me to upgrade to the DDE at this point in time if it is just a matter of a skin overly to make it look shiny and fancy?

Now the Major Gift - The Collector's Edition Store. This is a place where you can go (apparently only accessible to those with the CE) to buy special outfits and gear for your characters and companions that no one else in the game world will have access to. This will in my eyes lead to the ultimate case of elitism in ToR like so many other games right from day one! Which could lead to the untimely fall of The Old Republic if the "normie" player base does not have access to some form of a store of their own to get things for credits so the the people with the CE do not "segregate" them and start to troll them with their "e-peen gear".

I know many of you may believe this to be untrue for the most part, but this is what I see happening in a quick matter as the is how many in game communities react to such situations of "favoritism" to one group (such as those who have dished out the most cash, i.e. those with the Collector's Edition of the game). For BioWare to do this, it simply says they are in it for the cash and not around for the players who just want to chill and hang out (does anyone see a pairing here much like SOE/LA like before? (seeing as good old Julio Torres is on the Board for this game as well, it makes sense)).

At the end of the day - they just need to keep things equal for all players to keep them in the world of Star Wars and playing. If not it could easily lead to the games utter demise much like other games in the past that had a somewhat good launch day and then dwindled off just as fast (take a look at Tabula Rasa for an example). I personally believe keeping players happy and with all the same perks and benefits would be the best way to go - especially in the early stages of the game, after the fan base has been established, do as you will - but this early on, when the game isn't even released (like 9 weeks to go) it seems like it could hinder the game quite easily.

Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Official Site

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