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Everquest - Free to Play March 2012

If any of you have been gaming online and playing MMO's for as long as I have you remember things, like MUD's, Asheron's Call (let's try not to remember AC2), a game called Horizon's, Ultima Online and many others. But one game that everyone SHOULD remember is of course, Everquest.

EverQuest is probably one of the LONGEST most DRAWN OUT games even to this day, and it still has quite the following. With over 17 expansions PLUS the base game - it is one of the largest MMO's to date. Though I have some startling news for all of you in the MMO World. This March, EverQuest will become free to play and allow players access to the base game plus all 17 of the expansions!

Though there are some draw backs to playing the game in it's "free form". For starters you will not be able to use  a good couple of the chat commands and channel nor will you have complete access to the brokers in game. Your mail abilities are also diminished to only receive items but not send. There is of course a limit to how much plat your character can have also, what spells and tiers of them you can use, a limited level of Mercenary Ranks, the ability to join a guild only (not create), limited races (unless purchased), limited character classes (unless purchased), and limit character slot (guess what - you can purchase more of them!).

My opinion is of course - why play it for free when there are tons of limits on your account? Well for one, it may be a good way to have a "semi-unrestricted trial" of the game to actually see if you enjoy it and it is the game you thought it was or could have been. This in itself is a good thing for many gamers (like myself) who suffer from a condition known as MMORPG-ADD (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Attention Deficit Disorder). If you suffer from this and are constantly in and out of every game around and on the market, but have never tried EQ, it may be a good way to get some time off from whatever other game you are playing and give this a whirl.

My only experience with this type of play came in the form of the "free to play" version of EverQuest 2 which had severely dumbed down graphics and models, limited character classes and progression, and limited races. The problem arose mainly when I went from a paid account, down to a "freebie" and certain characters of mine became unplayable and completely useless to have on my select screen (as I was not allowed to log into those specific races and classes).

I really am hoping SOE has made some changes with this system to give more players greater ease while they play - though the fact that anyone who does not have a full subscription to the game has limited Customer Service Support and just answers from the "knowledge base". Which for a base of knowledge in EQ2, was quite limited on certain answers and did not help very often.

So for everyone that wishes to play EverQuest, do it in March. Just be wary of some of the account limitations that abound unless you have a full paid subscription. I hope anyone who does decide to play enjoys the game (as EverQuest can be a very, VERY good game).

I'll leave a link down here for anyone who is interested in checking which account options have less limitations and abilities granted on them. For now - enjoy your day (or evening), continue rocking out your games, and take it easy! Hope to see you all soon in the online world!

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